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Title:   Ocean's Twelve
Director:   Steven Soderbergh
Year:   2004
Genre:   Heist
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   02.04.06

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Notes History
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02.04.06DVR I think a lot of the backlash that this film received when it hit theaters was undeserved. it doesn't look like all those actors are having any less of a great time during this than they did during the first one but for some reason that's a bad thing now. I still prefer the first one but I think that's because that whole movie is about how great they are and this whole movie is about how they mess up. It feels like a letdown to see them get bailed out at the end only to find out that they won a long time ago... it's just not as dramatic. It's also that much more complex and makes you wonder why they go through the whole charade in the first place... and the other problem I have is with the night fox character... like he gets through all those lasers just because he knows capoiera... like the guys who installed the security system are like "nobody can get through this unless you know the brazilian art of dance fighting." And after he goes through all those contortions to get down the hallway to steal the egg, how does he get back? I think there was really only 1 hole in the first film and it was pretty minor (how do they get the porn fliers down into the vault) but this one's got a few more for sure...

I still have a good time with this one though, and have to say that I'm looking forward to the next one. I just hope they spend more time on them being successfull this time. Oh, all the supporting cast was also much more supporting this time around... Barely any time with a few characters... I hope the next one's more evened out as well.
12.11.04R/C Frederick A worthy sequel. I like that, through Soderbergh's career, you can track his different interests and stars, and that they feed into his future work. Stuff with the stars playing themselves like he fooled around with in Full Frontal or re-using people like Albert FInney or Terrence Stamp. I also like how he tries new things cinematically as well. Not a lot of A-list hollywood directors would do a dozen fast zooms in a row. I liked it a lot, alhtough the story will probably keep it under Ocean's Eleven in the fun factor. Still, I wonder if it will remain as imminently watchable as 11 did. Have to wait for the DVD I guess!