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Title:   The Strange Woman
Director:   Edgar G. Ulmer
Year:   1946
Genre:   Noir
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.13.05

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
- Bluebeard
- The Man from Planet X

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.13.05Alamo Downtown A Period noir? This movie takes place in 19th century Bangor, Maine where it's basically a lawless logging town mostly inhabited by ruffian lumberjacks and the few aristocrats who own the mills and the land. Hedy lamarr plays an archetypal femme fatale that enjoys seducing men away from happiness. At one point she even manages to get one guy to kill his own father, then shuns him for it. The movie's worth watching for Lamarr's performance and also in how they deal with such frank sexual subject matter in the mid-forties. Lots of reaction shots and arched eyebrows. AFS must be going crazy or something... two decent programs in a row! (first the Korean series where they showed a few Chan-wook Park films and now this Ulmer series). Of course, actually screening Detour for the Ulmer series would be too much to ask, because no one would show up to see that at the Alamo. Oh hell no. But anyway, This was worth watching and well worth admission (free).

After that, Kier-la showed her compiled doc of The Velvet Underground. I won't count it as her own movie because I didn't count Lars' Cash In Advance either. Plus Kier-la borrowed pretty heavily from a few other documentaries for this so... well whatever. It was really good though and presented an interesting overview of a band I know next to nothing about. Afterward she was bombarded by friends of hers... I see I have lots of work to do if i want to woo her... We talked for a while before the show though and she gave me some solid eye contact while talking to like the dozen of her friends that huddled her afterward so I feel I'm making headway in setting up my foundation. Now what I have to do is impress her in some way... OK this is officially not about the movie anymore, I'm stopping.
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