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Title:   Bluebeard
Director:   Edgar G. Ulmer
Year:   1944
Genre:   Noir
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.14.05

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
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- The Strange Woman

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.14.05Alamo Downtown Today must be the day that I officially became an Alamo regular. Since I went to all three shows tonight and it was a pretty slow night, I got chances to talk with both Karen (the manager girl who recently had a baby) and Carrie (the absolute hottiest hottie waitress there... who is rumored to be lez), the dude that cards people knew I was over 21, and on my way out from the last show the guy with the bleached hair said "hey man" instead of "would you like a calendar?"

I talked most with Carrie... ah, so dreamy. The great thing about her is that she does a crouch/bend over thing when she runs the aisles so there's no way she can tell that you stare at her ass every time she goes by because it's really hard for her to look back. Her face is way better than her ass though... she's 24 and getting a masters in media studies... SO HOT. Of course my heart belongs to Kier-la but there's nothing wrong with Carrie, man. It almost makes it easier if she was gay because then I could just admire with no pressure or guilt of not doing anything about it. She was pretty interesting to talk with though... nope, no problems there.

Anyway... um... oh yeah, the movie. They were supposed to play a movie called Ruthless but the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences has what's probably the only print left in existence and I guess they didn't feel like sending it out so good ol' Chale from AFS played Bluebeard instead. Bluebeard is scheduled for next tuesday in a double feature with a movie I'm not really interested in seeing so although I wanted to see Ruthless more, I wasn't too upset that I could get to see Bluebeard instead.

No, it's not a pirate movie.

Instead, it's a period noir about a painter/puppeteer (John Carradine... creepy) who kills each girl that he paints. He tries to swear off painting and persue his puppet career, putting on marionette shows of Faust in the park for little kids, but there's a killer on the loose and someone eventually recognizes one of the dead girls from a painting. From there, it becomes cat and mouse as the police figure out who the painter is and there's a pretty cool device with a cravat that gets ripped and sewn. All in all it's a decent little film. For the dirt floor budget it had, Ulmer managed to make a pretty entertaining flick.
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