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Title:   Kiss of Death
Director:   Henry Hathaway
Year:   1947
Genre:   Noir
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.31.05

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- Call Northside 777

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.31.05DVD Haven't seen this for a long time but in the meantime I've seen tons of other movies and have come to love both Brian Donlevy and Richard Widmark. Widmark is riveting in this... it's impossible to look away when he's on screen... unfortunately Victor Mature is pretty easy to look away from... it's not as fast-paced or dark as i seem to remember, but still a top-notch noir that i'm really glad is finally out on DVD. Now they just need Force of Evil and a decent transfer of Kansas City Confidential.

incidentally, happy new year!
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