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Title:   Macabre
Director:   Lamberto Bava
Year:   1980
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.15.04

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- Demons 2

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.15.04Netflix Wow this is messed up. It's kind of slow and the stuff with the blind guy is a bit tedious, but the sheer subject matter, along with the fact that it's based on real events, is really just messed the hell up. An adulterous wife, off to have an affair in a fuckpad that she pays for, unwittingly lets her daughter murder the son (for no particular reason, other than that the daughter's figured out that she's having an affair). Hysterical, the lover drives her to the hospital, only to have a serious accident on the way. Cut to a year later, where the woman is living full-time in the fuckpad, where a blind guy lives downstairs and is really horny for her, but her steady stream of lovers every night keeps him from making any moves. Eventually, we find out that she's kept the dead lover's earlobe with his earring all this time, and that she sleeps with it. Eventually eventually we find out that she also keeps his head locked in the freezer, and pulls it out every night to make out with it and orgasm all night just like she used to. Of course, the daughter finds this out and puts the earlobe in a soup and has her mother eat part of it, but then the mom finds out that the daughter killed her son and drowns her in the bathtub. FInally, we see the woman making out witht the rotting, discolored maggoty head for a bit. The blind guy comes in and somehow kills her by sticking her head into an oven or something, and as he's wandering his hands across the bed, the dismembered head hops up and bites him in the throat. It's said that his death could not be explained by the police and is still listed as "unsolved." Messed the hell up.
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