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Title:   Nosferatu
Director:   Werner Herzog
Year:   1979
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.11.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.11.06Alamo Downtown Continuing the Herzog retrospective this month at the Alamo, a brand new 35mm print of the English version of Nosferatu, where Klaus Kinski finally sheds all his human make-up and lets us see what he really looks like. Is it wrong that i buy him as a weird vampyre monster a lot easier than a regular joe? This got me thinking about what type of guy Max Schreck was in real life... if he was like the turn-of-the-century equivalent of Kinski and when Murnau's Nosferatu came out everyone was like "ahh, of course... yeah that fits."

Herzog's version has several variations that I quite enjoyed. I really like how he played in the plague and had the whole town getting sick with all the rats from the ship. I am not really one of those people who are incredibly bugged out by rats except one little thing about them does bother me a great deal: their extended bloated ass-thing that drags the ground underneath the base of their tail. What is that anyway? it's like each rat is carrying a half-roll of quarters that he's just about to pass. GROSS. Other than that though, they don't oog me out on general principle, but I was pretty impressed at the sheer number that Herzog managed to wrangle up for some of his shots (especially the last supper with the plague-ridden family eating outside). Having the plague associated with Dracula was a pretty nice touch I thought... of course I never read the original material so I have no clue how close/far any of the filmic translations have been.

I also enjoyed Isabelle Adjani's perfectly oval face and how her Lucy was much more assertive than in other movies. Of course, I had to spend all of her screentime wracking my brain for the name of the movie that she did with Truffaut where he completely fell in love with her and shot like a hundred million close-ups of her so the entire movie is like one big close-up of that beautiful porcelain oval face (The History of Adele H, thanks imdb). Interesting, that movie was shot in both English and non-english simultaneously. That really confuses me because it's like two totally different movies. I always wonder which one is better but don't really want to sit through both back-to-back to figure out.

So I enjoyed this film. The Stoker Dracula story is one I'm almost burned out on, never being one of those people who can like all 15 different versions of A Christmas Carol or something like that, but the music, Kinski, and a few shots which are authentically creepy kept me fully engaged. Now I'm very curious to see Wheel of Time, as I've now seen a few Herzog docs that I really like and one sort-of doc which I didn't enjoy much at all.

So after this, I watched Super Mecha Kucha Happy Fun Monkeybash and pretty much melted my brain.
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