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Title:   Pigs
Director:   Marc Lawrence
Year:   1972
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.18.06

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01.18.06Weird Wednesday Hooray for Weird Wednesday! This week was Pigs AKA Daddy's Deadly Darling. There's a really great song with a whole nursery rhyme vibe that's just awesome... I might have to rent this and rip that to my computer so I have it forever. Other than the song, the movie's about an old guy with prodigious amounts of ear-hair that owns a small diner that looks just like a house and keeps a bunch of pigs out back who hunger for human flesh and blood and bone. Two old ladies live nearby in fear of the highly-mixed pig noises that constantly bother them at night, and all the bodies gone missing from the graveyard and mysterious strangers who disappear only seem to make the pigs fatter. So in drifts this lady who acts crazy until we find out that she really is crazy so then she acts SUPER crazy and starts killing people. Of course the old guy helps get rid of her victims because they have this weird enabling father/daughter vibe catching. Now, what makes this movie REALLY creepy is that the actress who plays the girl is really the daughter of the guy who plays the diner/pig owner. There's all sorts of daddy stuff going on in this movie and at one point the girl dances to the jukebox and the camera gets right up into her cleave and butt. That's just creepy, man.

Other than that, all the actors seem like they either forgot their lines or made them up right on the spot. either way you get a lot of awkward pauses and a few scenes that just go on way too long because the director had to shoot them in one shot. There is one hilarious scene though where the girl, who's just murdered some jerkass roughneck, is walking down some remote dirt road and gets haunted by terrifying squeals of pigs. Now, the pig sounds saturate the soundtrack and are so loud that they are more annoying than scary, but her reaction along with several quick zooms in on random trees and shrubbery, make the scene good. And then the 70s-chase music funk starts in and the scene is great. and then she just starts running full out and doesn't stop till she's back at the diner. Yeah... she's haunted by phantom pig sounds so she runs BACK to where all the real pigs are. That makes the scene a classic.

Also, there is a possession scene at the head of this movie that's never referenced again. It's so awesome... the devil, in the form of a swine, has possessed this girl wearing lingerie so of course she's put hoof prints all over the walls and is rooting her face around in slop on the floor. It feels about as arbitrary as the ending of this movie where they manage to set something up then pay it off literally less than a minute apart. to end this up, here is the genius dialogue:

-all the pigs in the truck?
-yep, all 12 of them
-you better count and make sure
-2,4,8,10,12... huh that's funny
-there's 13 of em now

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