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Title:   The Seniors
Director:   Rodney Amateau
Year:   1978
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.25.06

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01.25.06Weird Wednesday So after the Paramount double feature, I walk down a few blocks to the Alamo. On Saturday when I was waiting outside to get in to the Red Light Burlesque, I was thinking that because of the damn Cuba Libre awning and sign, the Alamo sign was like invisible from that angle. I remember when I first flew into town and came down to see Friday the 13th 3-D I walked right by it because I didn't see the sign, and that early pictures of the building before Cuba Libre moved in it was like the only sign on the building and really stood out and now it's just kinda stuck in between a huge awning and a huge sparkling star. However, when i turned onto Colorado at 7th street and looked down the road i was happy to see the Alamo neon glowing bright as could be. Cool to see that it's still severely visible from most angles. Still, it does kind of have the feeling of being the last white house in a neighborhood that's gone all latino (racism aside) meaning it has a very casual unfurnished feeling in a whole section of downtown that is now up to the gills in tight shirts and hair gel.

screw all them though, the alamo can kick their ass. you don't see lines around the block for Cuba Libre now do ya.

Anyway, The Weird Wednesday movie tonight was The Seniors, which I'll get into in the next paragraph. I ended up sitting up with the Alamo folk tonight because I was sort of chatting with kier-la beforehand out in the lobby and thought it cooler to continue the chat rather than go down front to enjoy this classic gem of a movie. As it turns out, I sort of got a vibe that kier-la actively dislikes me... it may be just a paranoid hunch but... it may not. who knows. Anyway, i still had a good time up there talking with people I'm getting to know better and better. I think for the next QT and other movies i really want to experience though I will still be down in good ol' seat 1011. It is cool to have to move over a seat because Tim needs somewhere to sit though...

So the movie sounded pretty horrible. I didn't know a few things about it though that luckily completely saved it and turned it into an honest-to-goodness good time for me. 1) Dennis Quaid is in this movie. I don't know if it's his first movie or not (actually imdb tells me it's not) but it's sure as hell before The Right Stuff. 2) this movie is actually about a bunch of guys starting a huge prostitution ring and making millions of millions of dollars. 3) It's got that late 70s charm of being somehow innocent of how absurd everything is. It's like it was back in some magical time when sex couldn't kill you and it was ok to make fun of the establishmentand everybody was basically just having fun. Oh wait, it was. What a great year to be born in: all downhill from there. 4) at the end the movie stops and becomes a really altruistic anti-materialist hippie-fest for about two minutes before remembering "oh yeah, this is all about pussy" and going back to 70s teen sex comedy romp. That's so awesome.

So the thing that I think I liked most about this movie is all of the adult roles. Yes the main characters are all typical sex-crazed college dudes but every adult they come into contact is like some fantastic 18-year-old's version of what an adult is. You have the older women who are all insatiable nymphos, you have the cops who take bribes and re-assure them with "if anything goes wrong we know how to make it look like a drug overdose", you have the police commissioner who offhandedly confesses to lynching someone, you have the bishop who is like 20x more corrupt than anyone else, and you have businessmen willing to kill rather than lose a buck, but in a funny way. What awesome adults... maybe they are just awesome because they aren't lying to try and cover their personalities. oooh deep for a weird wednesday entry!

Anyway, I got a kick out of this. It wasn't a classic like Black Angels or deceptively quality like Convention Girls (a movie I've really come to have fond memories of... maybe they're wrong but who knows), but a good time on a wednesday night. I laughed really hard once and out loud several other times. Sure it didn't get my gut busting as much as when Glenn says "Mind you don't cut yourself, Mordecai" then throws mints at his own child in Raising Arizona, but then again... what does?
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