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Title:   Opera
Director:   Dario Argento
Year:   1983
Genre:   Giallo
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.28.06

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- Deep Red

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.28.06Netflix so... when this movie started it looked gorgeous and it was really good and I thought that I was finally seeing an Argento movie that had some nice production design. the photography of the opera house and those wonderful wide lens setups looked great and the first death with the knife through the bottom jaw so you can see it in his mouth was AWESOME. OK so the pins on the eyes just barely passes my disbelief-suspenders but still, I was ok with it.

By the end not only did i not know what the hell was going on but I totally didn't care. After all that hard rock music to accompany every kill and the grand raven-cam shot, it didn't really matter to me how they got up in some swiss villa, or how the killer managed to show up there as well, or how the mob of people hunting them showed up, or what the final shots of the main girl meant... i was just blah'd out by then. The first 10-20 minutes though are really great! If only the rest of the movie held up.
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