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Title:   Cry_Wolf
Director:   Jeff Wadlow
Year:   2005
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.03.06

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02.03.06Pay-Per-View beware spoilers.

The Usual Suspects meets April Fool's Day. Except all the characters and dialog are so stilted and forced that you can see everything a good 20 minutes to an hour ahead of time. Like a lot of these horror movies though, it's a good idea that's just not supported by any kind of execution. At about the hour mark I evaluated every main suspect and had a sad realization that it could be any of them, not because of any sort of reasonable explanation but because other movies have had much longer stretches of logic and reality. In the end, does it really matter who the killer is if the explanation is going to be so outlandish that you won't believe it anyway? I guess I am judging too harshly for a slasher movie but there was no goddamn slashing so I'm a bit pissed. Not only does it take like 70 minutes for there to be any killing but every death scene was shown right in the beginning as the kids made up the story.

And how are you gonna think someone's dead just because they're laying there for like 20 seconds. The movie logic in this really really bugs me. Is it that hard to have sexy prep school students kill each other? I hate to say this but I think I liked both Urban Legends' more than this (although Rebecca Gayheart representing any sort of physical threat at all is laughable)... and I say that because I spent this whole movie thinking about how good it could have been. At least with urban Legends I felt they were trying their best with a ludicrous premise... oh well.
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