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Title:   Clue
Director:   Jonathan Lynn
Year:   1985
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   3
Last Seen:   04.30.22

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04.30.22Internet I'm putting together a DnD one-shot based on an idea I had way back when to make a sort of fantasy version of a locked-door whodunit. Basically, now that I'm back playing DnD regularly, my mission is to revisit all the half-baked ideas I had back in high school now that I have the capability to actually make them fun. So anyway, I'm kind of pitching the game as based on this movie, so I figured I should watch it again for "research."

Man, do I ever love this movie. This time, since you know I was being factual about it, I went back and looked at who wasn't there when Yvette screams in the billiard room or when Mr. Green finds the cook in the kitchen. It's a marvel that the film works as meticulously as it does considering there's also so much room for comedy. The fact that all three endings satisfy all the loose ends to be believable and also include bits that are memorable... it's just the last trick in a series of miraculous tricks. I mean to base a movie on a board game in the first place, but to also actually have the mansion match the geography of the board itself (complete with secret passageways) then to make a watchable movie on top of that... is remarkable.

I also suspect that, since it all takes place in one house, they had the money to both attract the talent (this is post-Spinal Tap McKean, Back to the Future came out the same year but Lloyd was still hot off of Taxi, Kahn was already proven from all the Mel Brooks movies in the 70s, Eileen Brennan long been a star and five years after Private Benjamin, Warren already a seasoned vet back on a hot streak with Victor/Victoria, and Mull a mainstay comedian on talk shows and tv, not to mention Dr. Frank-N-Furter himself), but also had the money to make the sets of each room pitch-perfect. I mean you can't imagine a more iconic study or library than what you see on the screen. The house looks perfect.

It's all perfect, really. I'm sure much of this is because I grew up watching this movie, but today I find it hard to come up with any criticism. I love it so much.

Of course, my DnD game will not live up to this, but hopefully I can steal a few things that will make my players chuckle.
04.27.08DVD flames... flames... on the sides of my face....
02.04.06DVD Love this movie... I laugh every time I see it, there's so many reactions and looks that everybody gives each other... still though I think my favorite line is right at the end when Madeline Kahn finally confesses in such a way that all she can get out is "i hated her... SO... much... flames... flames on the sides of my face... heaving... heaving breaths..." man, her delivery of that gets me every time. I love pretty much everybody in this movie though... so many great touches... they really deliver on this sharp witty script that's funny but also works as a real Classical Whodunnit and all three endings feel natural and believable. I really think this is an underrated classic