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Title:   Private Parts
Director:   Betty Thomas
Year:   1997
Genre:   Biopic
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.06.06

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- The Late Shift

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
02.06.06Internet Since Stern started on Sirius satellite I've been checking out his show again. I used to listen to him back when I had a morning commute and watched his E! show on and off for years and years... even vaguely remember his Channel 9 show way back in the day (but seem to remember the guy who ran the local comic book shop saying how it was better than SNL more) so anyway... thought I'd revisit this since it's like 9 years old now. I remember when this came out the prevailing thought was that it wasn't as bad as you'd think. Even my mom liked it (I think my dad did too although he could never admit it since he's an Imus fan) which i took as a sign of the movie's success. Actually, I remember when we first moved to Maryland after my dad had been living in Rockville for a few months until my school year ended in Boulder and him talking about how funny the Greaseman was on the radio. This was before his racial slander got him kicked off the radio forever of course... but I think Stern was still in Washington at that time and my dad talked a little about him too... before he got old and therefore had to start listening to Imus...

The movie is still pretty good i think. The whole point is to intriduce some humanity and empathy to Stern who's widely thought of as a sleavoid pig to those that don't listen to him. I think he is a genuinely nice guy though which is why he has so many fans and why those fans are so intensly loyal. Anyway, it was a fun trip back to when he was married and carrying on with that Fartman schtick... although I doubt he makes another movie because I think even he was surprised at how decent it turned out.
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