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Title:   The Summertime Killer
Director:   Antonio Isasi
Year:   1972
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.08.06

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02.08.06Weird Wednesday Yay for weird wednesday. I think Micah's suggestions have finally broken through into my brain. Expect new fields with each entry soon (genre and venue). I mention it here because I think I now feel compelled every week to say somewhere in my notes that it was weird wednesday... So with a genre field I can just mark it as such and then I'll also be able to get a count of how many I've seen and put up one page which lists them all out. that = awesome to me.

This movie... I guess the titular summertime killer is Chris Mitchum, Bob Mitchum's kid. He seems to have inherited all of the dopey look of naivete and gullibility that his dad had without any of the rugged danger or world-weariness. In this movie at least, he looks like a rich guy's kid that's completely spoiled and considers riding motorcycles to be a profession. I buy all of the wooing pretty girls stuff from him and none of the professional killer. That's fish four days old, I wont buy it. (I love Sweet Smell of Success). So I guess this movie is initially about a kid getting revenge for the death of his father, but about halfway through it becomes an alternate take of Swept Away except they don't yell at each other as much and the girl is ultra-hot Olivia Hussey. From there, Karl Malden, who's in my book the best part of this movie, lets him go at the end and dies because of it. Aside from one awkward lovemaking scene between a hotpants'd Mitchum and underwear'd Hussey (hubba hubba), there's not much of note in this movie that was better than I expected and therefore kind of worse. The music's great but scarcely used, it's pretty much a full two hours long, and either paced deliberately or Mitchum couldn't remember half of his dialogue. Either way, I really felt the length in between enjoyable bits... but still, it's great that I got a chance to see this movie because I probably never will again.
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