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Title:   Coachella
Director:   Drew Thomas
Year:   2006
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.10.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
02.10.06Alamo Village A documentary/concert film about the 2-day music festival held once a year out in Indio, CA. It's pretty decent if you like the bands presented, but when Morrissey popped up I hated every second. Still, you get the Flaming Lips giant spaceball, you get The Pixies and The Stooges, you get the slightest bit of techno and hip-hop mixed in with lots of rock, but you only get one song each, and most of the times it's not the whole song. So it's sort of like a sampler with some short interview clips thrown in. Still, it's not bad and it shows some of the cool things set up there and gives you a bit of a feeling of being there (like when the cameraman walks into the rave tent when Roni Size is playing then walks back out). I guess my main complaint is that the non-rock acts feel unbalanced... although seeing Kool Keith in his Black Elvis wig was pretty cool and hearing Chemical Brothers mix together Come With Us and Music: Response was nice... but it felt like they spent 6 minutes with some groups and only 3 with others... granted watching DJs push buttons on stage isn't exactly cinematic (Squarepusher's small segment made me laugh, but maybe that was at all the kids trying to dance to his stuff), but still... I kinda wanted to see Mos Def perform as well as joke around about The White Stripes not being there. Oh well, i'm nitpicking. This doc could've been lots worse.
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