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Title:   976-EVIL
Director:   Robert Englund
Year:   1989
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.24.06

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02.24.06Terror Thursday Terror Thursday... I'm really surprised that I never saw this. I clearly knew about it, it came out right when I was getting hard and heavy into the local rental place's horror section and it was directed by frigging Freddy Kreuger himself. For whatever reason though, this one slipped through the cracks and, just as with Demons last week, I'm almost glad it did because I got to have my first viewing of it at the Alamo. i didn't really fall completely in love with it until near the very end though when the kid-turned-demon kills the pet parrot and yells "that's what the plastic's for, asshole!" to no one in particular... just years and years of pent-up rage at his momma (and I guess the parrot too) for telling him not to eat on the couch. Man, that cracked me up... to the point that when it's revealed that the momma's dead and her pet cats are eating her guts out, I felt like I didn't get why everyone was screaming and laughing and clapping at that but not the plastic on the couch line. There's more than one great moment in this though... a very good time all around.

Oh, one more thing. I don't know where that city's supposed to be but i was about high school age in 1989 and i NEVER played strip poker with a bunch of guy friends. ever.
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