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Title:   The Chumscrubber
Director:   Arie Posin
Year:   2005
Genre:   Youth Angst in Suburban Hell
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.04.06

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03.04.06Pay-Per-View You know, when they came out and I could not separate Chumscrubber from Thumbsucker, I thought it was just the name. Now that I've seen both I know it's because they are the same exact movie. The same kid's even in both, and this isn't like Timm Sharp playing a darker version of his Underclared character on Six Feet Under, this is like the same kid in pretty much the same part in two exact same movies.

That said, I think I like this one better. This one has a little more surreal overtone to it that made me think it was more Mike Mills than Thumbsucker. It's a shame Thumbsucker didn't hit on a lot of what I like about Mills' work. Looking back, I feel about the same with it as i do Romanek's One Hour Photo, the only difference being there's not another movie called Photo-Mart that's just like One Hour Photo but slightly better.

OK so they're the same. Not 100% but pretty damn close. The adults are a little more wacky andcaricatured in this one, a little less interesting on a character level and more thematically designed to drill home that kids today have problems and need attention rather than drugs. yeah, yeah... I thought it was kind of interesting how this movie has perhaps the loosest most nonsensical macguffin ever. At first it's funny but then it just made me wonder why anything is going on... so I don't know. I wouldn't say I loved either one of these youth-angst-in-suburban-hell movies, but neither one was too bad either. Good cast from the adults for sure.
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