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Title:   Let's Rock Again
Director:   Dick Rude
Year:   2004
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.06.06

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03.06.06Music Monday following around ex-Clash frontman Joe Strummer during a 2002 tour with his latest band The Mescaleros... well, latest band before he died that is. These types of stories always make me sad. friggin Joe Strummer walking around some Jersey radio station trying to get inside and begging some random DJ to play his song... handing out hand-written flyers for his show in Atlantic City. There should really be some eternal respect clause in all high-profile music contracts. It happens so much though... you hear about old jazz guys playing hotel bars or whatever, guys like Strummer all over the place who are still fundamentally musicians - it's not like they've changed - passed over by changing tastes in the public and spending their twilight years just barely gettin by. sigh.

Also, he isn't credited on imdb as anything but i swear Grosse Point Blank credited him with a "music by" beginning title... tons of movies have used Clash songs but I thought he was doing a few scores or music supervison on a couple movies lately... I didn't know he was friggin playing Atlantic City... sigh.

So a few of the songs they played in this doc were really dubbed out and awesome. It was a good doc for what it was... but it started pretty abruptly and ended pretty abruptly... for following his tour though it was great, and made me feel sad because his music's still good and his personality's still interesting... well, was still interesting before he died. too young.
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