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Title:   Angels from Hell
Director:   Bruce Kessler
Year:   1968
Genre:   Biker
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.08.06

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03.08.06Weird Wednesday so... ok this wore just a tad thin through the third quarter but a few things kept me interested and a few more things deeply impressed me;

-so it's the '68 version of l33tspeak, when bikers used terms like "can you dig it" and "are you getting what I'm laying down" with 0 irony. My favorite line in this whole movie appeared pretty early... I don't think i have it 100% right but it's something along the lines of "I'm gonna lay some jazz on your brains" as the main biker dude outlines his sunny plans for his biker club's future. I have to start saying that or put it in a story or movie or something. lay some jazz on your brain.... oh man.

-The end. The gang's leader has become really crazy for some reason all of a sudden and plays a whole scene's worth of dialogue staring camera right with a goofy grin on his face. Then the fuzz is outside and makes them all take off their "colors" (in this case their light blue denim vests, mostly overtop light blue denim shirts but oh well) and the gang leader goes even crazier, grabbing the head cop's gun and saying something unimportant. The cop plays it cool, suggesting that he button up his shirt before leaving... so the gang leader does it. He stuffs the gun into his armpit so the butt is practically slapping the cop in the face and goes about buttoning up his shirt... but the cop doesn't go for it. I guess he just couldn't stand the sight of his bare chest or something. So after his shirt's nicely buttoned he offloads the gun, hops on his chopper, and goes to leave...until some random cop shotguns him in the chest. Like 0.2 seconds later a bible quote flashes on the screen and the movie's over. So what they do for the picture credits they give all the leads is put their name under shots of them reacting to the shooting/in shock/just standing there (however into the movie you are)... I think that's a great little thing, man... what a great ending/segue into the credits... I wish it would've cut to the main characters who were killed earlier in the story like laying on some autopsy table or a freshly filled-in grave or something. just like a quick summary of where each character ended up at that moment... but what we get here is still pretty cool and completely made the movie for me.
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