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Title:   loudQUIETloud: A Film About Pixies
Director:   Steven Cantor, Matthew Galkin
Year:   2005
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.18.06

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03.18.06Austin Convention CenterThis Screening is part of event: South by Southwest 2006
So after that, I practially skipped my way to the Convention Center to see the Pixies doc, which I'd heard was very good.

I wasn't dissapointed. The movie follows the band around on their reunion tour... we get to see Black Francis without his shirt on, how much Kim and Kelly Deal still look alike, Joey Santiago scoring a movie in his hotel room, and the musician-cum-magician drummer freak out when his dad dies and start popping pills on the road. It's not really too heavy on the whole history of the band or things like that... more a verite look at just this particular moment in time, but it was very well-done and really entertaining.

also, they were handing out the big music bags for free since it was the last day. Awesome, more free crap.
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