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Title:   TV Party
Director:   Danny Vinik
Year:   2005
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.29.06

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03.29.06Music Monday I missed this on Music Monday so I had to catch its replay right before Weird Wednesday. It's a good doc on Glenn O'Brien's TV Party, a NYC cable public access show that ran from like 78 to 82 and had a bevy of underground emerging NYC artists and musicians on the show. Modelled after Hugh Hefner's Playboy After Dark show, where it's basically like you're getting to look in on a cocktail party that's going on between friends, this really rough show stands as a great window into that early-80s NYC explosion of art mixed with early hip hop culture al;l set in NYC at it's most rank and vile. I think this is one of those great eras... like Paris in the late 60s or LA in the late 30s/40s. You had so much going on in such a small area that the people and events took on a much bigger meaning once that time had passed.

All through this movie I was thinking about Austin and how most Austinites believe that their era had already passed since the city's all grown up and sold out now... but I don't know. Maybe it's because I refure to think that I missed it, but I can definitely see a next wave coming out of this town if a few more key elements fall into place. I can see the people like Linklater and Rodriguez being analogous to Andre Bazin and Max Ophuls to Truffaut and the New Wave bunch or Coppola to Lucas and Speilberg... sort of the godfathers of the movement. I know there are tons and tons of film things going on around town and everyone's trying to make it and all that, but i still think something missing. I don't know what, but I feel like there is. Maybe this is also coming off the high from last night's QT screening too... but certain things that the Alamo does (Weird Wednesday in particular) feels SO MUCH like a seed of inspiration or the fertile ground for something to reall grow from... I think one inciting event or catalyst might really launch something big here.... or, you know, not.

So anyway, this doc had interesting interviews, really chaotic and intriguing video clips, and things of that nature. It was good.
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