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Title:   Carrie
Director:   Brian De Palma
Year:   1976
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.04.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
04.04.06Alamo Downtown Another Tuesday night. Again I just happened to be around the drafthouse at midnight and surprise! QT's doing another crew screening!

Much less people here than last week... I'd say maybe 20 people at the beginning of the night, down to 5 by the time it ended. My friends and I totally stuck out like a sore thumb but nobody approached us and told us to get out or anything. I think my friends being friends with Greg Nicotero helps... I officially met him tonight by the way. awesome. In any case, it was a very intimate and casual atmosphere, even moreso than last week, and when he got up on stage to intro the first movie QT very much seemed like this was a weekly thing. awesome again.

Tonight's double feature was Carrie and Revenge of the Cheerleaders, which QT said he actually saw as a double feature in 1976 at the Old Time Music Hall in Torrance, CA. He also mentioned that for everybody with those lists of Best Films of the 70s - and he mentioned the types of people who would say Jaws or Nashville - anyone that doesn't include Carrie in their top five... their lists are full of crap. He thinks Carrie is one of the best things Hollywood has ever given the world... and then we watched it.

I saw Carrie a while ago and still remember it for the most part (mostly I remember differences between the movie and the book) but I think my lack of love for most other De Palma movies has marred my stance on Carrie a bit. Watching it again, it's a really good movie. Trying to picture not knowing how it ends (thanks to the video cover and everything else), this movie is a complete gut punch if you think about it. For the most part it's just a teen high school drama. I mean sure there's Piper Laurie's insane religious babble but whatever... and then that scene hits and the screen splits and all of a sudden we're all watching a freaking horror movie. So... yeah I liked this movie a lot when I was watching it but I already feel myself not wanting to type "a lot" for whatever reason. I'm remembering the usage of the Psycho shower scene music.. but there's also Travolta's fantastic performance... Although i remember in the book that character was more of a mean dumb-ass than a happy dumb-ass, but some of Travolta's deliveries are classic... like when he calls Nancy Allen a Fuck or when he says "That's it. I'm convinced" of her idiocy. And some of piper Laurie's lines are also classic, particularly the scene where she sees Carrie's "dirty pillows" in her prom dress and offers to "burn it together and pray for forgiveness." Good stuff. Plus how can you complain about a movie with a slow-motion panning shot of naked highschool girls in a lockerroom as a beginning-titles sequence. You just can't.

Plus, to make the grindhouse experience complete, someone totally lit up in the theater... the place stank of sweetness for like 10 minutes. You just don't get that at normal Alamo screenings, for better or worse.
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