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Title:   Boarding House
Director:   John Wintergate
Year:   1982
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.06.06

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04.06.06Terror Thursday so what is there to say about Boarding House? Well... you know how I keep saying that I have no idea how a lot of those crazy movies made in the 70s ever got made? I have no problem seeing how this movie got made. What amazes me is that this movie, shot on video, got transferred to film which means it somehow played in theaters. Does that mean that this is technically the forefather of the digital video revolution, 20 years before digital video even existed?

Watching the movie was also strange because everything's all fuzzy and saturated like you'd expect from 1982 video technology, but it's also got nicks and scratches on the film itself. It's a pretty confusing vibe.

So... the very beginning of the movie... there's like six minutes of scrolling teletype. That's when I laughed hardest. After that, there was funny stuff but not six minutes of scrolling teletype funny. The main guy was really creepy looking and he had a rat tail which i thought was hilarious. It was like the perfect mending of 70s hair with 80s hair... the big blow-dryed white fro with the little rat tail hanging down. It also feels like his intention for making the movie was exactly like his character's intention for having the boarding house: I'm gonna get like ten hot girls to hang out with me and then i'll get to see them naked.

This movie reminded me a lot of the home movie stuff i did with my neighbor when i was like 14... except we had way less nudity. It's clear that the director loved the "fade to black" button on his camera and used it often, most times fading out of a scene like 30 seconds too soon. I think I've talked about this enough. This is truly one of those movies that I can't say I liked at all (While I think this was a worse movie than Dangerous Men, DM was a lot more enjoyable), but am glad I've seen it. once. once is enough. OK maybe in ten years when I have friends who haven't seen it... maybe once more then.
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