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Title:   Bridge on the River Kwai
Director:   David Lean
Year:   1957
Genre:   Epic
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.11.06

Other Movies Seen By This Director (1)
- Lawrence of Arabia

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
04.11.06Alamo South Lamar Rounding out my triple feature before tonight's midnight double feature is an archival screening of David Lean's cinemascope masterpiece... on 35mm. One of my friends is crabby because there's a great screen but it's not a 70mm print. I'm personally just happy to see a few of these theatrically... maybe the next time they show them I will complain about the print too but for now I'm happy enough just to get to watch them projected.

That said, this is a pretty freakin long movie. They're also playing Doctor Zhivago and I don't think you'll catch me dead in there... I think this is the one Lean Epic that I can take just as a movie. Although that same friend of mine tells me that seeing Lawrence of Arabia projected on 70mm at the cineramadome in LA is a religious experience, watching it on DVD is most certainly not, for me anyway. This one though at least has William Holden and explosives. It's also really a downer if you think about it... At the end when they play this rousing marching band tune overtop the newly-blow'd-up bridge, it's really either wrong or meant to evoke irony because the tone at that moment is so depressing. Everybody's dead, Guiness' last moment of thought is that he'd just spent 12 weeks doing something horribly horribly wrong, and the random medic guy screams "madness" over and over again. yeah that's a high note to go out on if I ever saw one.

It's a really great movie though... but it's still three hours long. I had to break down and endulge in some Alamo food to get through it.
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