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Title:   Demons 2
Director:   Lamberto Bava
Year:   1986
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.13.06

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- Demons
- Macabre

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
04.13.06Terror Thursday Kicking off the second calendar of Terror Thursdays is the sequel to the movie that kicked off the first calendar. It's cool how fast this series has taken a loyal following... the line was out the door! Sure it's mainly because the Madonna sing-a-long ran late so they weren't letting anyone in the lobby but still, out the door! What's also cool is that it seems like mostly a different audience than Weird Wednesday... if you ask me thursdays are a bit rowdier and a bit drunker. Plus I think Lars has built a reputation of silencing those that speak up on Wednesdays that has yet to set in tonight, plus the fact that Thursday nights are basically equatable to friday nights for most college students.

Actually, funnily enough, some dude got all up in Tim's face after the movie tonight complaining that Tim told him to shut the hell up. Everyone in the theater could hear this dude talking but his defense was that everybody had seen it a million times and we were all here to drink beer and have a good time (to which David said "well, I've only seen it 900,000 times"). The guy was pretty adamnant in his position but Tim totally held his ground until the guy agreed to just let it go and leave. Meanwhile, all of us regulars kind of circled around in the walkway, making our presence known and getting Tim's back. Afterward Aaron said he was just waiting for the guy to take a swing so he could see 30 Alamo fans all jump on him in a righteous battle royale of unleashed anger collected over years of having to sit through movies while jerkasses won't be quiet. The guy just left though.

Another pretty cool thing about tonight is that Tarantino showed up. He came in right at midnight so I bet he was surprised to see the theater running late and have to walk up the stairs through a packed line of people wigging out as soon as they recognized him. One girl screamed to her friend "YOU SHOULD'VE GOTTEN A PICTURE!" as he, as casually as possible, hustled ass up the stairs, stood at the bar long enough to get a beer, then disappeared into the theater. By and large though, the crowd was pretty cool and non-invasive. I'm actually surprised more people didn't stay after the movie to ask for autographs or whatever... by the time the movie talker left, it was basically us regulars hanging out in the lobby talking movies. Well, us regulars and Tarantino.

Oh, right... the movie. I thought I saw this a long time ago but Eric set me straight... I had seen Night of the Demons, not this. So Although I haven't actually seen Demons 3-8 or whatever, I am kind of thinking it would be cool if they started off each TT calendar with a Demons movie. I mean, who doesn't want to see a demons movie about once every two months, right?

So... good things about this movie. They brought Bobby Rhodes back (the pimp in the first one) as a sweaty gym instructor... they had a demon dog transformation that was awesome, and managed to have a car full of punks driving around for no reason just like in the first one. They also had a demon kid which is awesome, and had the demon kid chest-burst into some weird demonic half-Gremlin/half-Zuni doll from Trilogy of Terror. It screamed just like little Asia Argento, but it was pretty cool with it's gnarled teeth and tiny wings and muppet mouth. I don't want to make it sound like I didn't have a good time with this movie because I'm about to start talking about how it's not as good as the first... I smiled through most of it and had several great laugh/exclamation moments... but I sort of think the whole movie is a missed opportunity.

Demons 2 is basically just like Demons 1 except in an apartment building rather than a movie theater... except with a worse ending. The greatest moment in the first movie, for me anyway, was when they're finally about to escape from the building and a freakin helicoptor falls through the roof. WTF? See, the demons are not just contained in the theater... they're everywhere! So even these lucky few that get out of the theater alive are still on the run because basically the whole world is being overtaken. So wouldn't the logical assumption for Demons 2 be something taking place in a world with demons everywhere? Something akin to Dawn of the Dead or Aliens. I guess that would've cost too much money, and made too much sense for those wacky Italians.

But, considering how I wished the movie was completely different, I still got a real good time out of it. Don't think I'll rush out tomorrow morning to buy the DVD or anything but as a Terror Thursday experience it was pretty right on.
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