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Title:   Monster Squad
Director:   Fred Dekker
Year:   1987
Genre:   Child Empowerment
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.16.06

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- Night of the Creeps

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
04.16.06Alamo Downtown So the last time I saw this movie was... when it came out on video. I was sick at home one day and my mom brought this home for me to watch and I was incredibly psyched because hey... kids fighting monsters, man!

So thanks to Eric, not only was Dekker here but Andre Gower (Sean, the leader), Ashley Bank (Phoebe the little sister), and Ryan Lambert (Rudy, the greaser cool kid) also showed up for a full-on reunion of 80s fun. This event sold out two shows on Easter Sunday. That's saying something, man... not only did it sell out twice but it also looked like they sold 98% of the available merchandise afterward. Why is this movie not out on DVD? Makes you wonder.

So easily the best thing about this movie for me is the Creature make-up. It's the best Creature from the Black Lagoon that I've seen. Tom Noonan's Frankenstein is also pretty good but that Creature man... whoa. Not to mean the rest of the movie is bad. It's pretty good... lots of good lines and the crowd was really responsive and made it a great time for all of us... I know I had a good time. The Q&A was the highlight for me though. All of the "kids" there were really funny and loose and Dekker was pretty unflinching with his honesty ("I wrote it and I have no clue why the mummy was in the boy's closet. Because it's funny")... and the questions were pretty good too (someone asked if they felt bad about killing off the only black character in the film. Another person asked if there were armadillos in Transylvania), so it was a great time to be sure. There's definitely worse ways to spend an Easter.

oh, almost forgot. Dekker gave Eric the dragon crystal amulet thingy! the actual prop! it's really awesome... i bet he was trying his best not to truly geek out about it until he got home and safely alone. i know i would be FREAKING OUT if i got a vital prop from one of my favorite movies.
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