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Title:   The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
Director:   Asia Argento
Year:   2004
Genre:   Evil Mother
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.19.06

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- Scarlet Diva

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
04.19.06Alamo South Lamar So I pretty much admit that watching any movie with Asia Argento in it is pretty much just to ogle her crotch tattoo. I can't really come up with any other reason why I saw Scarlet Diva and I can't give you a better one for this... but it's weird... She always seems to be most naked when she's also most messed up so it's never quite as sexy as I think it should be. It's all dirty and drug-crazed. like the amount of clothes is directly proportional to her mental state. I take what I can get though, and in this case it meant watching a kid get messed up for life in a serious way.

This movie is pretty freakin rough. A continuous stream of absolutely evil things happen to this kid, so much so that they had to use three actors to play the kid. I guess it was too much punishment and shame for just one young boy to handle. This kid just doesn't get a break, man. Whether it's a freako mom or her jilted lover's pedophilic revenge or her uber-religious parents sermonizing or her brother scrubbing him down in scalding hot water or her revolving door of boyfriends' exposure to life as a truck stop hooker or the inner workings of a meth lab... I have a pretty hard time hating Barny. I mean, sure he's annoying and purple, but he's not pimping mothers out or making boys dress up as girls and seduce Marylin Manson.

Oh yeah, all of the supporting roles in this movie were played by people that are way too good to be in this kind of movie. Marylin Manson I can understand because he's a musician not to mention a pretty bad actor, but what the hell is Winona Ryder doing in this movie? Peter Fonda? Jeremy Sisto? Michael Pitt? These people have acted well in good projects. Ben Foster? He's a freakin X-man for christ sakes... what's he doing forcing the blonde kid from Elephant and Lords of Dogtown to bathe in scalding hot water? And why is his character named "Fleshy Boy"?

So... there's about five minutes in this movie when Argento's character abandons the kid and he ends up with his religious grandparents and he gets to know one of his uncles played by the blonde kid from Elephant and Lords of Dogtown. For five minutes there, this movie is really good. The kid mistakes the word "psalm" for "song" and starts singing Anarchy in the UK, even spitting at the end, and it's pretty great. Then they peel potatos and kinda sorta become friends and the movie is really quality and I'm liking the characters and I'm thinking it was just a 20-minute introduction to show how crappy this kid had it before winding up here... but then Argento re-appears and the kid's life becomes hell again for the rest of the movie.

Afterward, someone in the back laughed. I think someone told a joke or something... all i know is that laugh felt so wrong. I didn't even want to hear it... everybody else just kind of silently milled out. Harsh harsh movie, man...
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