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Title:   Policewomen
Director:   Lee Frost
Year:   1974
Genre:   Exploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.29.06

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
- The Black Gestapo
- The Thing with Two Heads

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
04.29.06Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Best of QT Fest
Next up was a little change of pace. When I saw this on the schedule I was all but sure it would be a secret movie and rather than wanting to advertise that it was a secret movie (that would only fuel people to try and find out to ruin the surprise) he put in a title for a film that he had no intentions of playing. Well, I was wrong. On all accounts actually (I thought the same thing about Billy Jack). He actually showed Policewomen. It made more sense when he introduced it though. I guess since QT2 had two marathons one was an all sleazy exploitation marathon and not horror, so it was still a fave from a past marathon and he really loved it so it's here, smack dab in the middle of all these horror movies.

QT started by saying how big of a fan QTfest was of Wes Bishop and Lee Frost movies. Yet another pair of names I've never heard of before. That's good though... more things to look up later. My list of films offhandedly-mentioned by Quentin that I felt I needed to see is much smaller this time around than last. In the past 6 months or so, I've really dived into this whole area of film and feel like, although I'm still very much the rookie, I at least know what game I'm a rookie in.

So Policewomen (note the plural) has some hot girls in it. Some cool female kung-fu stuff and a scene with William Smith as a karate instructor or something... He's pretty funny in the one scene... mostly the movie's just about hot girls acting bad though. The policewoman goes ondercover... actually the title is a bit of a spoiler because for 75% of the movie there's only one policewoman so you have to wonder about the title until another one shows up and then it's ok. This movie does a great job of picking the right angles to photograph the hot women in tight clothing. Actually between this and The Muthers and... pretty much every movie shown this week I have to say I appreciate the whole no-bra thing that was going on in the 70s. I'm sure it made for some sore backs but oh freakin well.

The real stars of this movie though are the bad guys. This gang of female robbers is headed up by this old lady in her 70s named Maude (heh) and her 30 year old bodybuilder beau named Doc. Beau plays his character like John Wayne with brain damage and scenes between the two of them are fantastic. One shot in particular when they're flying in a plane and Maude it looking at Doc with love in her eyes is pretty classic. She's this short little wrinkled old woman with bad teeth giving out expert mastermind heist instructions... I have no clue how they found that actress or who had guts enough to ask her to be in this movie but whoever they are deserves some props. It's like asking your grandmother to talk about sex in front of you... it couldn't have been pleasant.

This movie... like the main policewoman's love interest slash co-worker tells her, "your style takes a lot of getting used to." Especially the beginning of this film... it's very low-budget exploitation type stuff. Pretty slow. The closest I got to sleep the whole night was the first half of this movie. I never dozed (did much better than BNAT and QT6's marathon actually) but i got pretty uninterested and contemplating trying to sleep for a little while until I sat up and looked around and saw Micah awake on my right, Eric and Jarrette awake on my left, and way the hell down at the end of the row Harry awake. Everyone else in the entire row was passed out. Blake? dead to the world. Jay? head back, jerking himself awake with his snores, Roland and Martha? collapsed all over one another in complete unconscioussness. Further down the line I could sort of see other people sleeping but... just seeing that like 70% of this supposedly most-hardcore-of-all row was out like a light actually energized me. I was fine after that until the last movie.

There's one scene toward the end where the policewoman has activated a super secret spy lighter that's actually a homing beacon. Unfortunately the signal shows up on the walkie talkies that Maude and Doc are using. There's a great shot of like... arm-cam Doc's POV as he holds out his walkie talkie like a metal detector and walks around as the signal gets stronger and stronger, finally ending up right at the policewoman's crotch (ok, front pocket). Just seeing that arm sticking straight out holding the walkie talkie and the camera locked onto it as it moves around is... well it's pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, when they showed the trailer for this the night before ("TOMORROW!" became a common expletive that QT would throw out every night as trailers for the scheduled films would play), there was a pretty good line about the cop dude saying he wanted to make love to the policewoman but was afraid of getting hurt (something like that), and the policewoman saying "I'll make you a deal. I'll make love to you, and I'll be gentle" followed by some footage of a love scene. Said love scene was nowhere to be found in the actual movie! What kind of exploitation movie actually takes OUT the love scene??? Quentin needs a new print of this movie now.
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