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Title:   The Legend of the Wolf Woman
Director:   Rino Di Silvestro
Year:   1976
Genre:   Exploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.29.06

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04.29.06Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Best of QT Fest
To end the night (it's like 8AM, is it still last night?), Quentin played the infamous Legend of Wolf Woman. He explained how way back in QT1 they had a few spots on the last night for encore presentations of the most popular movies and this was one of the encores simply because people wanted to make sure they actually saw what they think they saw. Since this played last at the first QTfest marathon, people could not be 100% sure if it was demensia or bad dreams or what so they had to watch it again.

Also, Quentin said one of the good things about this movie is instead of having to wait like an hour for the good stuff to start happening like in those old 50s sci-fi movies, we get the woman-to-wolf transformation during the beginning titles. No messing around here, we get right into it... Naked girl writhing on the ground and sporting furry tittles not even five minutes into the movie! He then thanked everyone for staying and with that the movie started.

Now, for anybody who's been through an all-night marathon type situation.. you know that unique headspace that you can pretty much only get into by seeing more than 5 movies in a row. Double features.. yeah they are fun.. triple features are a full night of movie-watching... but once you get past five in a row, it's like a trip to the desert while on opiates or a weekend spent in a sweat lodge type situation. One of my highlights for QT6 was seeing R. Kelly's Urban Opera before the last movie at that marathon... and seeing what I think I saw last July when Devil Fetus flashed in front of my dazed and confused eyes. So the slot of the last movie in a marathon like this is very specific and very important. If it's a movie like Blood Spattered Bride, it won't work. People will fall asleep. If it's a movie like Twisted Nerve where you have to think more than just a tiny little bit, it won't work. People are too tired to sleep. In my limited experience, I hold Devil Fetus as standard. Nothing takes advantage of that uniquely cinematic altered state like a flat-out crazy-ass movie that you have a hard time believing it even exists. People ask you about it after you've slept and you almost don't want to describe it because you know they won't get it. You can't tell them to track it down and watch it on their own either because there's no way it could be the same. It has to be a brotherhood allegiance type deal where if you were there all you have to do is say the title and nod and if you weren't there then tough luck.

Legend of Wolf Woman is one of these movies.

Although I don't think it's as good as Devil Fetus (and I'm using the word "good" in its loosest possible meaning), it was that kind of movie and I don't think I would've liked it in any other situation.

The whole movie made no sense. I don't know if it was me (I wasn't tired due to the caffeine but i felt myself staring at the screen and having no idea what I was looking at several times) or the film itself, but I got next to no actual point or sense to the movie. Thinking back, all I can make out is that this girl thinks she's a werewolf but really she's just crazy. I think. Thank goodness I made some illegible notes in my notebook, writing in darkness.

About halfway through the movie, the girl meets a stuntman and falls in love. I think there was a whole montage sequence where he'd perform a stunt (which I guess would make her really hot), she'd run up and start making out with him, they'd have sex, then run on the beach. Over and over like three times this happened: stunt/sex/beach, stunt/sex/beach, stunt/sex/beach. But then a group of rapists bust in (saying things like "I heard you're a great LAY!" and "Now I'm gonna lay ya!" and the stuntman gets killed in the most casual stabbing every. I mean... the rapist isn't even looking at him.. he's just standing there with one hand on his hip and the other holding his knife out and the stuntman is stuck onto it... like either it happened by accident or this racist is SUCH a good knifer that he can't be bothered to even look to see where he stabbed him. This may have never happened though... it could all be in my mind.

I also seem to remember there being some of the worst small talk ever in a couple scenes, and use of really queer phrases like "that's somewhat fascinating." How can something be somewhat fascinating? Isn't that like saying it's somewhat very interesting? I don't get it. I do know I saw hairy titties though... that was funny. the make-up in the wolf woman scenes (which I guess are either flashbacks or fantasies or... something, because she's not actually a wolf woman but just crazy) is basically little patches of fur glued onto her skin with green make-up everywhere else. I think there's also a scene where she wakes up and a huge lizard is laying on her... i think... and I've also written down a memory that someone gets his head smashed into a steering wheel and inadvertantly honks the horn every time... and it happens over and over again so it's funny. I don't remember that at all but if I wrote it down it must've happened... right?

So all in all I think that's exactly what my memory of the last movie of a marathon should be. I think others were more lucid (Micah said it was his favorite movie of the night... I think mine is Policewomen (if you don't count Silent Night, Deadly Night)), but this isn't their movie journal it's mine and mine is better than yours.

So I think we got out of there at 9:30... Drove Jarrette home then went back to my place and Micah crashed on my couch and we set the alarm for 4:30pm and slept pretty much until then.
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