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Title:   The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
Director:   Joseph Sargent
Year:   1974
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   05.01.06

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- White Lightning

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.01.06Friend's House Went over to Eric's house and watched his 16mm print of this movie along with a reel of trailers, an educational documentary on sharks (manhunter or myth, directed by Jorn something), and five minutes of his Jaws TV print that had several subtle differences that really threw me for a loop. It was pretty awesome to sit around watching film projected on a screen like that... like hints of the new wave crew hanging out or something like that. I know nothing about film collecting but dealing with the actual film like that is pretty cool.

Eric's print of Pelham was moderately red and a TV print so there were random bits of blank leader in there marking commercial breaks as well as a few omissions of swear words but for the most part it was the same and I doubt i'll se eit projected on film in a theater anytime soon so it was pretty freakin cool to watch it like this.

and now it is time for sleep.
07.07.05Netflix Man NYC was filthy in the 70s. This is a good little caper picture about a bunch of pros that hijack a subway car. As usual, the caper is way simpler than today's getaway movies but still cool and worth watching.
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