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Title:   Milano Calibro 9
Director:   Fernando Di Leo
Year:   1972
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.08.06

Other Movies Seen By This Director (5)
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- Loaded Guns
- Rulers of the City
- Slaughter Hotel
- Wipeout

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.08.06Internet Another Di Leo... I liked this one as well but probably not as much as Il Boss or Mister Scarface... not because it's bad but just because it doesn't quite as many OMFG moments. There's still some great stuff in here though and the storyline is again a very interesting take on a fairly overdone storyline. The last scene in particular is amazing... and how the Rocco character transforms throughout the film... Plus this is officially the movie that made my jaw drop for Barbara Bouchet... wowza... i HAVE to see Amuck now at some point just to see her rock it out with Rosalba Neri... HAVE TO.

The main dude in this is also really good... he's a potato-head gorilla-looking dude that reminds me of a Ray Winstone/Ron Perlman lovechild... he's got a really intense stare and doesn't say much for like the first 45 minutes of the movie until Bouchet pops up on screen... It's cool how Di Leo managed to use such difference presences in his leading badasses as this guy, Henry Silva, and the dude from Rulers of the City to equally cool effect. He plays all of their strengths really well... they come off great on-screen.

There's also a line that pops up late in the movie... Rocco calls what the main character Ugo did during the movie "The Big Screw." is that a name for a movie or is that a name for a movie? Porn Noir comes to mind.

And one more thing... there's a really great scene around halfway through where an old blind ex-boss, Ugo, and Ugo's friend Kino (a badass in his own right, but more of an independant worker than a family-man) walk and talk about the current state of the mafia and how it doesn't exist anymore. All of this mafia stuff in actual Italian films seems 200% more authentic and informed than any of the American stuff I think... I guess that makes sense that it should be that way but still... it's interesting in the little ways that that verisimilitude oozes out.
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