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Title:   Motel Hell
Director:   Kevin Connor
Year:   1980
Genre:   Cannibal
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.11.06

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05.11.06Terror Thursday I now live in a world where Brian has seen Motel Hell. When I was at QT6, this is the one trailer that they showed that most made me want to go out right away and see the movie. I tried to netflix it and the DVD became unavailable so I finally got to see it tonight thanks to Terror Thursday.

I guess the big thing about this is that it's the movie where the old couple bury people up to their necks in a secret garden and keep canvas sacks over their heads except when it's time to feed them with a snorkel hooked up to a funnel or hypnotise them into submission before using the tractor to break their necks. This is ALSO the movie where a guy puts on a pig mask and runs around with a chainsaw... it's actually kind of strange; most of the movie is pretty hilarious (and I get an intentional vibe from the humor, there's a great running joke about learning the secrets of smoking meat that killed) but then there's this one scene where the guy comes out in a pig mask and he cackles away while they have a chainsaw fight that's actually genuinely pretty creepy for me... and then it goes back to being funny. For those few minutes though it flipped over to the dark side and delivered some pretty sweet creepy images...

So this breaks the streak of seeing bad movies. Yay for it being a really fun time at Terror Thursday!

Side note: it was pretty packed tonight and the crowd was great... a complete 180 from last week... yay for that.
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