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Title:   Mission: Impossible III
Director:   J.J. Abrams
Year:   2006
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   05.22.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.22.07DVR it was on and I felt like maybe watching it again to see how it holds up. Still probably my favorite of the Mission: Impossible series and that still probably doesn't mean much... but there are some sequences here that are just so crazy that they are still exciting to me. Glimpses remind me of the goold old days of Jim Cameron action movies but there also has to be all this romantic crap that takes you out of it. oh well. it's weird that i think a tom cruise blockbuster sequel got a bad rap but i guess that's the case. i think this one's pretty good.
05.12.06Alamo South Lamar So... yeah this is the best Mission: Impossible movie to date. In my eyes that's not saying much, but still... it does count for something. The action sequences are pretty well done and aside from a few cheeseball romantic dialogues about trust and whatnot, it's a pretty easy two hours to sit through. Hoffman plays a cool take on a bad guy and it was nice to see Cruise actually use his support team (and have them not all die five minutes into the movie... poor emilio estevez)... although with all the locations in the world you'd think they could use one not already the setting of a major badass action sequence in True Lies AND Bad Boys 2... in any case, I still don't understand why Cruise was thrown to the side when something blew up behind him, but I guess it doesn't matter... the tension was up and I was feeling the scene. I liked it.
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