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Title:   The Boys from Brazil
Director:   Franklin J. Schaffner
Year:   1978
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.16.06

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- Papillon

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.16.06DVR I was outside my highschool biology class one day working on a poster or something when I heard the audio from a video we were watching. It started off innocently enough, giving profiles of several healthy young boys across the world. "what do they all have in common?" the voice-over asked. "ADOLF HITLER!!!!" man I laughed for minutes.

So I finally caught this movie on cable and am glad I saw it. Aside from the premise, there is nothing quite like seeing Greg Peck play Dr. Mengele. Everyone in this movie though... from Peck to Lawrence Olivier playing a nazi hunter to James Mason to Steve Guttenberg... they all seem to really be hamming it up. It gives the movie this really insane vibe... like it might all be some fever dream; like you have a hard time believing this movie was actually made. And I guess Olivier got an Oscar nom for this which is pretty incredible. I mean sure his accent's great but... really? It seems like his whole performance is a joke, like "if you want to see a REAL nazi then watch Marathon Man."

I mean, I don't think this would be out of place at a Weird Wednesday even... except the fact that it was a major studio release and got several nominations and whatnot... Mengele's little Brazilian retreat filled with Moreau-ian freaks and random servants, the ugliness of this one nazi dude's wife, and the kid that plays the Hitler-clones... oh man, that kid. That kid is so great... He's not on-screen much and I guess this is like the only movie he ever did but that kid was great. Imagine a 9-year old Hitler saying things like "holy shit" and "heavy duty". He's clearly the highlight of this movie... especially the last scene he's in... I definitely wish the kid was in more of this... although the movie's worth watching for Peck alone as well. Strange movie.
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