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Title:   The Super Cops
Director:   Gordon Parks
Year:   1974
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.18.06

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05.18.06Friend's House Super Cops! This supposedly ultra-rare movie is like a mix between Serpico, The French Connection, and Gravy Train. It's about these two real life cops who worked so hard to clean up both the Bed Stuy streets and the NYPD corruption that they became known as Batman and Robin. They are played as sort of bumbling buddy-buddy cops though which gives the movie a quirky bent to it (not to mention the enormous amount of homosexual undertone... there's so much it's really a gay movie with cop undertones) that makes it pretty damn funny as well as a decent 70s cop movie. In fact, there's even an action scene where they're running through a condemned building and a wrecking ball starts destroying it. If only there was a random old black dude keeping chickens in a room on the top floor it would truly be a long-lost twin of Gravy Train... as it is though, it's just a first cousin.

It was a really fun movie to watch with friends... It's a shame it's not more readily available.
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