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Title:   The Deep
Director:   Peter Yates
Year:   1977
Genre:   Adventure
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.23.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.23.06Internet This was remade as Into the Blue. This isn't the best movie in the world but it's like 30 times better than Into the Blue. OK so there's no Jessica Alba but instead you get young Jacqueline Bisset wearing a white t-shirt as she dives. And instead of Paul Walker you have a young Nick Nolte, Robert Shaw, and Louis Gosset Jr. plays the heavy. Oh yeah, Eli Wallach's also in it. Plus you have some really honest-to-goodness tense-ass underwater peril scenes, man... I actually caught myself holding my breath a few times and some of the footage they get down there is... well it really impressed me for a little movie that I had no expectations toward. It's a cool idea, a real adventure search-for-treasure story, told with cool characters played by cool actors. It's got the big guy from Hard Times that reminds me of Mike Mazurki too... there's a scene where he fight's Gosset's big muscly guy... it's sort of like a big muscly guy stand-off... and they pull an outboard motor into the fight. there are shots of this guy grabbing onto the thing with the rotor spinning. That's just crazy... There are extended underwater sequences where the audio is literally just the sound of bubbles and creaking iron. These scenes are very effective though... like I said, I was genuinely taken with the tension in this movie... I can't believe how crappy they made it with Into the Blue. Based on a Peter Benchley book with score by John Barry, this movie really surprised me.

So I was looking at the imdb entry for this and it says that the tv version is like 53 minutes longer than the original theatrical cut. That can't be true - who knows with the imdb, I'm pretty sure anyone can say anything they want about a movie and 4-6 weeks later it shows up and becomes undisputed truth - but other comments do mention scenes in the tv version that don't appear on what i watched. The film as I saw it was a really really quick 125 minutes... very tight and lean. But one commenter said they added an hour and showed it on two nights which makes complete TV sense so A good hour of footage must be out there somewhere. IMDb also mentioned that it was released in Germany as a 35-minute selected scene edition. It's just another reminder how films can split into such radically different lives as it goes on through history... even if two people sit right next to each other and watch the exact same cut at the exact same time they take away different perceptions... imagine the difference between a 35-minute cut and a 180-minute cut! That really really geeks me out... like I bet there's some 16mm TV print of this floating around and I could get my friends to buy it and watch it with act break leader and the extra hour... and it's a completely different film than what's on DVD. But what's on DVD is really good too!
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