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Title:   Blood Tide
Director:   Richard Jefferies
Year:   1982
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.01.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
06.01.06Terror Thursday I was told that this was a good one. It had a lot to like: A surprisingly svelte James Earl Jones in a diving suit, the evil Cobra Kai sensei from Karate Kid, some underwater greek-lovecraftian demon that demands sacrifices... but unfortunately the print was in terrible condition. I don't know what happened to it between the time they last played it and now, but tonight it was pretty distracting. The film was so warped that not only were portions of the frame constantly out of focus but at one point the soundtrack started edging into frame. Completely washed out and beet red with annoying buzzes throughout... it was easily the worst print I've seen at the Alamo.

There were still a few moments to grab onto in the film though. After James Earl Jones' woman places a melon on his crotch, she offers a knife which he balks at. "You don't open watermelon with a knife!" he says as he punches it two or three times until it shatters apart in his hands. Later, he plays drunk in a scene and answers every one of Cobra Kai's questions with a pretty hilariously delivered "...WHAT!?" There's also a completely random incestuous bro-sis kiss at the end... wicked. So I'm glad I got to see this but that print should really be put out to pasture. I could smell the vinegar in the lobby on my way out.
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