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Title:   Sweet Sugar
Director:   Michel Levesque
Year:   1973
Genre:   Women in Prison
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.07.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.07.06Weird Wednesday this movie was so great... it's completely changed my mind on Women in Prison films... I didn't think I was too big a fan before but now I can see that I was wrong. this movie was so confoundedly fantastic... I wish I could remember all the great stuff in it but the truth is it was so packed that I only remember the last great thing, which is the evil Dr. John going completely nuts and yelling "DR. JOHN IS INDESTRUCTABLE! YOU'RE GOING TO DIE! BUT NOT ME! DR. JOHN WILL NEVER DIE!" and then the wounded soul sister who he's talking to actually takes her gun off of Dr. John to shoot a gas can in the jeep and blow them both up... I guess just because she's finally had enough of Dr. John's shit. Truly every second that Dr. John is on-screen... something special happens. Whether it's his "experiments" with ethnopharmacology (including an orgasm-inducing serum and some sort of primal instinct vaccine that reduces housecats to feral scratching machines... a particularly harsh form of punishment for women inmates I guess) or his lust for virgins or his seething pleasure in random acts of violence. When a guard is caught humping a prisoner in his bed, he orders that guard to whip the girl as punishment. Instead, the guard lashes another guard once, perhaps twice before the other guard pulls his gun and shoots him like 16 times. Levesque takes particular care to show that Dr. John is around the corner loving the guard-on-guard hate.

And then there's Mojo, the black prisoner who's also sort of a voodoo priest... and the two guards caught up in a subplot about getting the younger brother laid, the weekly bonfire jamboree where the band is so committed that not even a catfight messed up their rythm... oh yeah, and a lesbian waterfall scene too. The soundtrack is great, the dialogue absurd, the acting.... actually I don't know how the acting was because I spent the whole movie looking at skimpy tops and short shorts... it's probably pretty bad though... this movie really had everything i could ask for in a Women in Prison film.

I could probably go on much longer... but the magic of the movie should really stay in the frame. Great time...
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