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Title:   Nacho Libre
Director:   Jared Hess
Year:   2006
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.09.06

Other Movies Seen By This Director (3)
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- Masterminds
- Napoleon Dynamite

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.09.06Rolling Roadshow Thanks to the Alamo and AICN I got to see Nacho Libre tonight out at this place where they also had a ring set up and 6 real luchadores that were flown in from Mexico City get it on... oh, and one was a midget. I got the feeling that us american audience sitting on a grassy knoll sweating and waiting for the sun to go down so we could watch the Jack Black movie were not the ideal audience for real authentic lucha libre, but I think we got into it by the end and the luchadores did there best to rouse us up, going into the crowd several times, taking the fight out of the rink and onto the dirt and rock, and the midget even slapped another wrestler with some random flip-flop (returned to its owner after the madness ended). Not to be outdone, Big League Chew himself hopped in the ring just long enough to get smacked around with a plank of wood before being spanked to unconscioussness by the band of evil wrestlers... sad to say that the midget who looked like Sgt. Kabukiman and the other two good guys were busy with their own fights and didn't come to the aid of Mr. Alamo... oh well, it was all in good fun and even though Jack Black wasn't there and Jared Hess dropped out the crowd still had a good time with the mexican food and lucha libre before the sun went down. There was a good 60 people there wearing wrestling masks (and I only spotted one strong bad! go figure) and they all got up near the stage for a group photo after the event. Then the sun went down and the movie started.

I think the reason why this movie is getting mixed reviews is both because it can't live up to the quirky originality of Napoleon Dynamite and because it's just not much of a comedy. Not to say it's a bad movie... it's just more of a children's movie than anything else. It's funny in parts but the humor is so broad and caricature that it seems more like a Warner Brothers cartoon. Jack Black's accent and facial gestures, his sidekick's smile, the luchadore opponents; they are all very very goofball. I'm talking fart sound effects whenever Nacho leaps. Again, this is not a bad thing. I really had fun with the movie and felt good at the end and did laugh out loud a couple times, it's just that mostly i was just smirking and the goofiness.
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