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Title:   Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Director:   George Lucas
Year:   2005
Genre:   Fantasy
Times Seen:   3
Last Seen:   03.03.17

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- Star Wars
- Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
- Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

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03.03.17Blu-ray This one sits in my memory the least. I feel like I've only seen this once, maybe twice? To be honest, I'm far more familiar with the Lego Star Wars video game levels that represent this movie than I am with the film itself.

So this one... it really feels like the most interesting and important part of all three of these sequels happens in between episodes 2 and 3. By the time this starts, Anakin is, like, already evil. He's already wearing black, already tough and ruthless, already there... Or at least that's how he comes off. It takes like absolutely nothing for him to lop off Christoper Lee's head. The whole thing... the mixture of bad acting, bad writing, and bad direction muddle everything and I can't even tell if there's some version of this that I would like or if it's complete crap. I just don't know. What I do know is that Anakin goes from selling out his mentor to killing every jedi (including kids) in like 10 seconds. wtf. And as much as I like Ewan Macgregor as Obi Wan... having the high ground and nearly all his other dialogue really irks me here. And I also don't like how the creators liked Yoda and Sam Jackson (not Mace Windu, Sam Jackson) too much so they somehow gave them kinda-winning-but-also-losing battles to keep their dignity intact but EVERY other jedi goes down in like 5 seconds under the same blaster fire that they effortlessly deflect in the first two films. It's just all so irksome... like this whole movie is just connecting dots that have to get connected. I bet this was the easiest script for Lucas to write. There's barely enough time to get it all in there... Where was this urgency in the first 2 movies?

So... as it stands for this viewing, I'm really torn which film i like the least. I think Episode 2's "romance" scenes are the worst, followed closely by the "heartbreak" scenes in episode 3. Compared to this one, Episode 1 is like this stupid little nothing that's just floating around not paying attention. Really this is the one that's the most disappointing because, while everything that needs to happen happens, it happens with rushed disinterest and occasional neglect.

And what is General Grevious' deal again? I remember learning somewhere that he's like a semi-cyborg type deal but in this movie he's about as mysterious as Syfo Dias.

Sigh. Anyway, I've made it through. Now I'm psyched for the next 3.
06.11.06  eh.. I hadn't seen this since it came out in theaters.. it was on TV so that triggered an urge to watch it again and see what I thought. I think I still like it the most of the prequels... but it also still feels incomplete, like i'd have to watch both seasons of Clone Wars andplay the associated video games to get the full story. Otherwise... I'm thinking the dialogue is so bad that maybe it's trying to be... like those old serials where everyone said exactly what was on their minds all the time then it would wipe dissolve to random action. Oh well... I guess it is what it is and I just have to accept that. or I could be like Darth Vadar and scream NOOOOOOOOOOO!
05.19.05Alamo South Lamar So it's finally out, no new Star Wars movies ever again... if you don't count the 3D versions or any other films that will probably pop up after Lucas tries to direct another movie and runs back to his security blanket. I guess I'm being unfair.

The movie was not dissapointing. I do have some issues but as far as an absolute just-got-home reaction to the movie, it's pretty fun. My main concern however is that as a stand-alone movie it's pretty disjointed and rough. If i hadn't seen Clone Wars, my opinion of General Grevious would be completely different. If i hadn't played LEGO Star Wars, the battle of Kashyyk would have been disappointinly neglected. I guess Star Wars has always been this way but it's still a complaint of mine: compared to the breadth of the Star Wars universe, the movies don't feel like they explain a lot at all. But anyway, luckily I had seen all that stuff so I understood why Grevious was coughing all the time and stuff like that. I have problems with that character in general too but oh well :) It didn't put me to sleep, it didn't get boring for me, it did end without resolving a few things I thought it would resolve, but for the most part it was good. Some massive CG that's for sure.

But anyway, I'll have forever to grouse about the movie which i did enjoy. way more than the previous two for sure.

So I saw this at the Alamo South Lamar theater at a midnight screening. Actually i had a ticket for the 11:20 show, meaning it was "first" but all six theaters were running it and people got seated anywhere from 9:15 past 10:00 so the times didn't mean much more than which theater you sat in. I'm not sure if it was just our theater or all six (i suspect all 6) but there were copies of Star Wars Galaxies and the first expansion pack sitting in front of every seat. Apparently, there's a pretty big Star Wars fan group in town and one of the members works for Sony Interactive so... we all got a free (not counting the monthly fee) game and a few people quick on the Star Wars trivia also got a toy or whatever. They had a mini Star Wars menu with three items on it as well and the pre-show started like an hour and a half before midnight. At first they were playing assorted episodes from the first season of Clone Wars interspersed with random hilarious Star Wars bits and pieces. There was a surreal and absurd segment from The Muppet Show when Star Wars was on (tap dancing C-3PO, semi-waltzing Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker in a tux, and Darth Gonzo included), a super early commercial for... maybe panasonic i forget, with Lucas in a field of wheat talking about dreams, then some ewoks meet him and he frolics across the field to the rest of the Star Wars crew. They showed some of the SNL Kevin Spacey as Christopher Walken test screening skit, a trailer for a really poor looking rip-off starring John Boy from The Waltons, and a few other assorted bits and pieces. Alas they didn't screen the entire Jedi Mindwarp that the Alamo screened a few times some weeks earlier, but judging from some title cards it looked like they pulled the choice cuts out. For the hour before midnight they showed the complete second season of Clone Wars, and it's a good thing they did because the beginning crawl hardly mentioned any of that stuff, even though i think it's pretty heavy to the episode 3 storyline. As a final little treat, they cut a trailer for The Last Starfighter in among the new ones. The sound was LOUD and FULL and AMAZING. I don't think it was digital projection but the print was extremely crisp and if it was I wouldn't be surprised. The crowd was great as well, laughing and clapping and whatnot (after the first trailer (The Island) finished with its mega bass and jaw-dropping aural assault, someone way in the back said "great, now I'm deaf" and the entire audience cracked up. The comments dried up as soon as the Lucasfilm logo came up though and you could hear a pin drop. Before that bombastic fanfare of score blared out that is. As far as theater experiences go I don't think I can ask for a better one.

On a last note, i had what has to be the best root beer float ever. I am not usually a fan of root beer floats because my taste in root beer is pretty specific but i must say, aside from being a bit on the expensive side this is the perfect root beer float. The vanilla ice cream that they use is Amy's, a local Austin chain, and it was so awesome. It had like small pockets of gooey vanilla goodness in there so it gave off this really strong aroma but the ice cream was completely smooth as well. I think me getting one set the people next to me off because they both ordered one after i finished mine then i had to sit and smell both of theirs... it was so creamy and fizzy and yummy, oh man.
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