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Title:   Film Geek
Director:   James Westby
Year:   2005
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.13.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.13.06Friend's House I paid to see this at an Alamo about a month ago but due to a power outage only ended up seeing about 25 minutes' worth. So, because he's cool, Lars lent me the DVD screener to finally find out whether or not the film geek ends up with the hot girl reading the Cronenberg book on the bus.

The movie's shot in Portland which is cool... it looks like a pretty fun town and it strikes me as remarkably un-hot which, as the temp here tops 100 already... in june... looks particularly appealing to me. I'd like to visit one day and see how the day-to-day is there.

About the movie... since I'm more or less a film geek as well I spent the whole movie trying to like the main dude. He didn't make it easy though because he was obnoxious and full-on anti-social in ways that me and my equally-film-geeky friends are not. So it was a constant struggle to get behind him... but still I was along for the ride until the last ten minutes or so when it turns into a masturbatory film geek's secret-revenge-on-the-world fantasy in the form of a mockumentary about his website's success. Then it completely lost me. I think my friends and I could do a much better take on this story... to the point where it might actually be something fun to do, just to prove us better than this movie.
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