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Title:   Pretty Poison
Director:   Noel Black
Year:   1968
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.13.06

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.13.06Friend's House So after Film Geek and an unsuccessful attempt at getting my friend's older DVD player to play a bootleg of The Dirk Diggler Story and the original Bottle Rocket short, we switched over to 16 and watched this Anthony Perkins/Tuesday Weld story about an arsonist perv who falls for a 17 year old sociopath. It seems to be a theme where Perkins plays people who are crazy but you empathize with him anyway. QT's intro for Psycho 2 came to mind throughout this screening... I felt bad for him but at the same time... he WAS trying to sabotage the chemical plant and he WAS sleeping with the jailbait. I don't really blame him though... girls like Weld seem to bring that out in people.

anyway, good performance by Perkins, Weld is ultra-hot, it's quirky and funny and an all-around good movie... too bad every memory i had of watching this movie was obliterated by the next thing we saw.
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