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Title:   Gone in 60 Seconds
Director:   Dominic Sena
Year:   2000
Genre:   Car Chase
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.15.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
06.15.06Internet more money, more stars, more explosions. more coverage less cohesion, more story less character, more glitz less balls. All flash no fury, all style no substance, all muscle no heart.

the original movie was what it was... sure there were numerous scenes where all the dialogue was ADR'd to keep the barest level of logic going and there were more non-actors in it than actors but it knew what it was and didn't try to be anything different: an excuse to have fun with cars. Yeah the story of having to steal all these cars in such and such time and they all get women's names and the family business struggle and whatnot were worth watching but come on... it's all just preamble to the 40-minute chase sequence. That's half the movie right there... 40 minutes! Ultimately the movie achieves what it sets out to do with all the passion and authenticity inherent in the project and I walk away extremely satisfied.

The remake, with it's latched-on story of some evil Brit that's gonna kill Nic Cage's brother and rekindling the romance with his old flame and lots of witty banter between the older and younger members of the crew, feels compelled to tell the exact story that you expect to see in any action movie. That it also has a car chase or two is secondary. Bruckheimer also has his filtered MTV-edited style at play throwing up the montage so fast that I barely have time to figure out what's going on, never mind if it looked impressive or not. Plus since it was made in 2000 right when all the electronica music was popular, the soundtrack is rife with hot acts, music changing approximately every 20 seconds to fit all of it in.

And maybe what's worst is that I don't think the remake is that bad. it just is what it is... a product of its time. It is kind of interesting though to watch these back to back... proof that they don't make em like they used to.
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