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Title:   Invisible Child
Director:   Joan Micklin Silver
Year:   1999
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.20.06

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06.20.06Alamo Downtown So... I sort of took a vacation for this site for the past week or so... Logigng in and filling out this form multiple times every day can get a bit monotonous so I decided on a little break. Therefore, the next 9 or so will probably be shorter notes than the movies deserve. sorry, movies.

This is a Lifetime movie about a mom who is crazy and thinks she has a child that no one else can see. Two things make it interesting: the first is teh cast. Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks' wife), Victor Garber (the dad on Alias), Tushka Bergen (the girl from Swing Kids), Mae Whitman (George Michael's girfriend from Arrested Development), and David Dorfman (the creepy kid from The Ring) fill out the main cast. The second is that tonight was trying out a new idea at the Alamo called Heckler's Paradise where the movie is so unbelievably bad that they let people yell at the screen.

I think it's a good idea... this particular night though was exhausting. It was like everyone who's ever been told to shut up at the Alamo before came back for their revenge and there was like 8 years of pent-up heckling that just got released in a 90-minute cacophony of unintelligble yells and lame one-liners. I think the majority came from maybe 4 people who took it upon themselves to keep up a brisk regiment of 2 heckles every minute, whether they made sense or not, and the rest of us were drowned out in the constant white noise of everybody trying to say things at once. It was... very tiring. I really only heard 3 or 4 actually funny heckles (more than one coming from the same guy), and spent the majority of this bad movie thinking about how this format could work. A few ideas.

1) it has to become a regular thing. I think this was extra obnoxious because it was the first one and everyone was trying to show off... if it was a monthly thing or maybe even weekly i think the excitement would settle down a bit to a more enjoyable level.

2) Henri shouldn't have a mic. While what he was saying was funnier than what most everyone else was saying, it does sort of take the power out of the audience and put it in his hands since he's amplified.

3) People hadn't seen this movie before so they were flinging anything that came to mind. I really think that if you let "professionals" handle movies like this and give Invisible Child and Prayer of the Rollerboys to the Sinus guys, it'd be a funnier show.

4) the flip-side of that, I think if people got to heckle movies they know (like Top Gun, Footloose, typical Sinus movies), there'd be some more wit on display and it wouldn't be quite as exhausting to try and get the storyline of the movie for the first time as well as listen to the heckles.

5) it should be at midnight.

So, my personal hunch is that if you put this on like, friday nights at midnight... showing any kind of movie, it would catch on as a fun drunken party way to have fun... like maybe even fold it into Sinus where you have Sinus shows then heckler's paradise midnight shows after of the same movie they're doing... i dunno... i think that would work out.
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