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Title:   Week End
Director:   Jean-Luc Godard
Year:   1967
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.28.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
06.28.06Alamo Downtown From comic books to pretentious-as-all-get-out Maoist Godard polemic... now that's a change of pace. I saw this movie more out of curiosity than actual want. It was an occasion where AFS was playing something I'd even think about seeing and with my recent defense of Brian De Palma hate I figured I've seen way less Godard than De Palma, so my ammo against conformity to any eager Godardians could use some... heaping. What I found funny was afterward when everyone answered if they liked it or not with a preface that they either loved Godard (if they liked it) or hated Godard (if they didn't). Like this film is not a deciding factor at all, just a reinforcement of prior belief.

I guess that's the way it is though with Godard... you either love him or you don't. I don't know though... Breathless and Band of Outsiders felt like actual movies for me... Contempt falls closer to Week End but it's clear that Week End is a deliberate stick of dynamite to any sort of bougeouis method of thinking about cinema... Actually I took it more like a dare or a flipped bird to those even trying to understand it... sort of like the past 4 seasons of The Sopranos.

It's pretty clear that Godard is angry with this film... I just don't quite get what he's mad at... Or maybe I just gave up and watched the traffic. In any case, it didn't win me over to the Godard camp...

Although I have to say there were some things I liked about it. Toward the end there's a dude with a drum set out in the forest that supplies a backing beat to the cannibalism and whatnot that's going on. I think more movies should have drummers in the background to supply beats over. Maybe not have the 10-minute philo-political rant laid on top but still... great idea. I also, like a typical peabrain, got a kick out of the huge traffic sequence (except I thought it was more Fellini than French. oh well), and the use of music during the beginning monologue where the female lead recounts a memory/nightmare sexual encounter I found interesting because although I got to read the subtitles it seemed deliberately levelled to obscure some of the things she was saying. Plus she was in her underwear.
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