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Title:   Quality of Life
Director:   Benjamin Morgan
Year:   2004
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.28.06

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06.28.06Alamo Downtown I'll also admit that I only saw this because I didn't feel like going home just to come back for Weird Wednesday... so I really didn't even care what it was. I would've watched anything. As it turns out, it was a movie about graffiti writers in the Bay area. All things considered, I could've lazed into watching something much worse.

That's not to say it was good. It felt very much like a festival movie. I kind of felt bad for paying for it... like if it was one of 30 that I saw at South By or something like that, I'd say it was pretty good... but paying full price for it seemed jippy.

It's your basic story of two friends, one wants to get a job and the other slides deeper into trouble. Blah... although the second-hottest girl from Groove was in it so it made me think of that movie a lot, except with graffiti instead of a rave. Very indie, very video-y... but better than some of the movies I saw at South By this year.

There was a party scene though where there was a DJ and on the soundtrack he was scratching but then it'd show him queueing a record and it didn't make any sense and I was sad. But then it showed him scratching and I could see it was Super Duck Breaks on his table which makes sense and I was happy. And then - and this even gets a close-up - there's a shot of him putting on another record and it's Lyrics Born - Callin' Out and I was super happy because I love that song and want it to appear in more than a Diet Coke ad. But then the song NEVER CAME ON. the same old generic party song kept playing for the rest of the scene. What kind of bullshit is that!? Go to the trouble of showing a close-up of the LB record going on but then don't play it? Not cool, man. Seriously not cool. And don't blame it on the rights because the DJ was wearing a Quannum shirt (LB's label), they use a Maroons song earlier in the movie (the cool Quannum group, not that gay pop stuff Maroon5 or whatever), and they have DJ Shadow on the special thanks at the end... and even if they couldn't use the song, oh I don't know... maybe take out the 1-second insert of the record going on the table? Like that would ruin the movie... one more second of badly-lit hipster party mingling.. oooh i'm so sure.

Afterword: the Alamo men's room got tagged all to hell after this show. That sucks for Karen and the Alamo folk but... I thought it was kind of funny too.
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