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Title:   Sol Madrid
Director:   Brian G. Hutton
Year:   1968
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.03.06

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Date Viewed Venue Note
07.03.06Friend's House The second in the 16mm double feature was Sol Madrid. This was a QTfest film so I really wanted to see it. It stars David McCallum (AKA Illya Kuryakin) as an undercover cop who goes down to Acapulco to look for some henchman of a big mobster guy (Rip Torn) who's mixed up with a local opium farmer (Telly fuckin' Savalas). Ricardo Montalban's also in it as a local undercover agent who helps out McCallum.

This movie is pretty freakin awesome. Savalas oozes cool, McCallum is surprisingly good, and the plot moves fairly quickly, leading us on a twisted path as McCallum befriends Savalas posing as a bigtime heroin dealer. The long and short of it is that it's a good movie well worth watching, even though it seems to be completely unavailable except TCM plays it sometimes with 4 minutes cut out. Hopefully someday it'll get a release so more than Tarantino's friends and obscure 16mm collectors can see it. Spoilers in the next paragraph.

My favorite aspect of this movie is that McCallum is like the worst most dirtiest cop ever. So how would this look to your commanding officer? Well, on Tuesday I sold smuggles 28 kilos of heroin across the border in an unnecessarily complex scheme then sold them for three million dollars. Wednesday the man I was supposed to arrest appeared to commit suicide but was really killed by someone so... I tried to arrest another man but he pulled a gun on me so I shot him dead. Then I shot another man in cold blood with no evidence of his guilt whatsoever. On Thursday, another man shot at me so I drowned him in a shallow pool of muddy water. And loved it. Then I gave a fugitive junkie prostitute a bunch of money and a fake passport to get into my country. No need to thank me, boss... I'm just doing my job.

So after that, we spent a long time rewinding another movie then didn't feel like watching it so we threw on the first reel of Kill or Be Killed and watched that again. I tell ya... the first reel of that movie kicks so much ass. I must not forget to ask Lars if they have a print of it. I'd kill to see that movie on 35 with a crowd. I'd even stage a karate olympiad with two teams of the world's best karate fighters pit against one another in fights to the final conclusion staking my rank and my honor on the line in order to see that movie in a theater... and I don't even have a gay South African kung-fu nazi midget sidekick named Chico!
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