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Title:   Tonite Let's All Make Love in London
Director:   Peter Whitehead
Year:   1967
Genre:   Pop Concerto for Film
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.10.06

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07.10.06Alamo Downtown The Alamo's doing a Peter Whitehead retrospective... I guess the Maysles are responsible for bringing his films to the states for a little tour or something so... I went to see this out of sheer curiosity.

Beforehand they showed one of Whitehead's shorts (which was actually 45 minutes long) about a bunch of beat poets convening at Albert Hall to read and act hep. Whitehead is kind of scene as the guy who made the very first music videos so you see that sort of influence here... lots of handheld, zooming, cutting, pausing, a little messing with exposure... that sort of thing.

The movie calls itself a Pop Concerto for Film instead of a documentary and I'm inclined to agree. It doesn't really have any sort of narrative or point other than to paint the times that it was made: the Swinging 60s of London. The film's broken down into different parts... the girls, the music, the art, the movie stars, that kind of thing, and includes really random interview snippets with people like Julie Christie, Lee Marvin, Michael Caine, and Mick Jagger. It also has music by the pink Floyd and a youngly hot Vanessa Redgrave singing Guantanamero.

The movie is interesting. I think that's about all that can be said about it... I can't know for sure but it feels like he depicts the era rather well... but you know, nothing to see over and over again every day.
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