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Title:   The Woodsman
Director:   Nicole Kassell
Year:   2004
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.13.05

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.13.05Landmark Dobie Until tonight, I've always thought of Kevin Bacon as a movie star. In every role, he's really just playing variations of himself... and that's ok because that's what a movie star does. In this however, he really proves himself as an actor. He disappears into this role and lays down a subtle, compelling, and layered performance of a really unlikable guy who you can't help but sympathize with. Secondly, Mos Def has a really really really great scene as well. Thirdly, this is surprisingly filmic considered it was based on a play. If i didn't know how to read and missed it in the credits, I would think it was an original screenplay (a real accomplishment). The film itself is really intense... and very gripping. As a testament to its quality, about a third of the crowd gasped at one point when it takes us to a place we really didn't want to go. In the end, it left me feeling weird and a bit dirty... a really heavy, good film. P.S. i saw this at the Dobie in Austin as my first Austin Film Society screening. The crowd was great, a mix of college-age hot chicks and older bohemian-type cineasts, the theater, although decorated all Egyptian, had short seats and a small screen and a really weird layout (center aisle on a 45 degree angle, like a college lecture hall but without stadium seating). My ass was numb for like a half hour afterward.
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