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Title:   Clerks II
Director:   Kevin Smith
Year:   2006
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.21.06

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- Tusk

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07.21.06Cinemark Pflugerville I had errands and stuff to do today but... whatever. time to see some movies.

So... anyone that's heard me go off before knows my complicated relationship with Kevin Smith and his movies and his fans... I do give him some begrudging respect for some things but... not the biggest fan of his movies. Pre-Chasing Amy however, I was kind of the opposite. Clerks came out when I was in highschool so it was like, the cool thing to like... and I did like it. I rented it multiple times and laughed at the Berserker song and a friend of mine would only do the Randall dance at prom.

That was 10 years ago.

Nowadays, I still watch his movies... I admit to when I like them, don't hate the guy as a person, find his Q&As refreshingly honest and funny, think his movies are... alright (Jersey Girl was better than everybody said it was, Chasing Amy and Dogma not so much), but his fans are horrible creatures fueled by the slightest personal interaction via view askew forum into rabid conscienceless fiends... like if i had the super power to control all ants in the world, so when someone made me mad i could wave my hand and a huge group of ants would swarm out of nearby patches of nature and form a solid brown/black blob to envelope the object of my wrath (or, you know, criminals or whatever), that is how I see Kevin Smith's fans... And yes I happened to be in the Magnolia camp when that particular furor erupted.

ANYWAY, I think this movie is more bad than good... maybe the best he's made in a while... I have some issues with it but I have to say that one scene in particular had me crying with laughter. That alone makes this movie ok in my book... it made me laugh. really hard. once. Without spoiling anything, it was the Pillow Pants scene... oh man, Randall in that scene is absolute comedic genius... the other guy too, sort of a PB&J situation there, but Randall really really got me... So with that I forgive the entire "story" portion of the movie being compacted into 2 scenes, the thought that a girl like Rosario Dawson would find Dante attractive (hey that's not such a bad thought though... if it's gonna be a geek fantasy we might as well go all out), the limits of the actors' emotional acting prowess, and Smith casting his own wife as "the hot dream girl." All that's off the books just because of the pillow pants scene...

I also really don't understand how the first 40 minutes of this movie can be so offensive to a film critic... but I guess that's another story.
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