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Title:   Predator
Director:   John McTiernan
Year:   1987
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   01.28.08

Other Movies Seen By This Director (3)
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- Die Hard
- Last Action hero

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.28.08DVD Since I just watched Commando and since a friend of mine is remaking Predator for a contest and since I wanted to make tonight a double feature night, I decided to watch another of my 80s action favorites again.

I'm willing to admit that this is a better movie than Commando. I don
't think quite as many people die and there's no garden shed mayhem but everything else is pretty superior. I love how it starts off as a pretty standard action movie (done very well I might add) and then steadily devolves to the point where it's just Arnie vs. Predator with no dialogue or anything. The whole gang is awesome each in their own macho way. I love how Bill Duke gets off the chopper in the beginning wearing a suit. Like that's his thing, shaving and wearing a suit. It's also plainly clear that McTiernan is a more capable action director than Lester. The film looks spectacular and the action is tight and controlled and clearly intelligible. I do miss the days before shakycam MTV blip cuts. Damn Gladiator. Damn Ridley Scott.

Anyway, Don't be surprised if you see Predator 2 pop up here in the next day or two. Watching this got me in a mood to see that in a big way.
01.17.05DVD one of the quintessential 80s Arnie actioneers. I love this movie because it actually pulls a bait & switch on you... you watch it and they kill a bunch of guerillas and you think it's just another military action movie but then these badasses all die quickly and it becomes survival, almost horror. Then you get like a good 10 minutes of no dialogue as Arnie learns to camo himself and sets up all these traps. Traps are so awesome. The predator creature is also really interesting and you learn what he's all about in a much more subtle manner than Predator 2 (although i also think that's pretty decent). Just a really top shelf action movie. This and Die-Hard were two of the best action blockbusters in the era of action blockbusters if you ask me.
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